Hi I am Amanda Behrendt, formerly Amanda Crawford. My life’s journey has led me here to a career in helping others. I graduated from Montana State University with a masters in Mental Health Counseling. I have experience working with adults and adolescents in outpatient facilities, as well as adolescents and children in an inpatient/residential facility. My passion for working collaboratively with others to find healing, strengths and growth has brought me to working as a counselor with a variety of individuals. My approach is based on helping others live fulfilling and happy lives. The goal is to discover ones authentic self and then to support them in making choices that are aligned with core aspects of who they really are. In addition, helping one to discover the power they have in creating a world supporting ideal happiness.
I utilize various theoretical orientations to best meet the needs of my client. This includes client centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment therapy and EMDR.


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